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The Pet Professional Accreditation Board

The Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) is operated by the Pet Professional Guild, the international organization for force-free animal training and behavior consultants.

  • You do not have to be a PPG active member to apply  and become credentialed through PPAB. 
  • You do however have to meet and maintain our eligibility criteria.  
  • The Pet Professional Accreditation Program  is independent of any industry school, trade school, college or credentialing body. 
  • Applicants who pass the requirements earn specific titles which may be used after their names.  
  • We currently offer three programs: an accreditation for Professional Canine Training Technicians,an accreditation for Professional Canine Trainers and an accreditation for Canine Behavior Consultants. Each  program has a rigorous path to completion
  • Please read the eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application, you will find these on the first page of each accreditation information.   You can review the complete application  process here

Three levels of accreditation. 

Level One - Canine Training TechnicianLevel Two - Professional Canine TrainerLevel Three - Professional Canine Behavior Consultant

Why Become Credentialed?

PPAB offers the only psychometrically developed  certification for professionals who believe there is no place for shock, choke, prong, fear or intimidation in canine training and behavior practices.

In the pet industry’s present state, any individual who so chooses can promote themselves as a dog trainer or animal behavior consultant, regardless of academic credentials, skills and knowledge.  There is also no  government oversight whatsoever in the pet training industry at present. Anyone is  free to open and conduct business. This leaves pet owners unaware of the differences between “balanced” training, positive reinforcement training and dog training and behavioral counselling in general.  

To address the need for consumer protection, animal welfare and a high level of skill proficiency the PPAB is offering a professional accreditation program that ensures transparency and accountability among pet trainers and behavior consultants. The program’s goal is to provide a meaningful credential that supports pets and their owners and guarantees an unprecedented high level of competency for force-free pet professionals. 

To that end, applicants will be rigorously tested, both on paper and in practice, for their skills and knowledge in the fields of learning and behavior; biology and anatomy; ethology, canine communication and observational skills; canine health, development and life stages; business and consulting skills and best practices and, finally, scientific and practical method. 

Candidates will complete an online proctored exam and submit skill videos for assessment. Applicants for the accredited canine behavior consultant will also complete and submit individual case studies. 

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