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Noeline Cassettari, BioGraphy and Workshop Information


Noeline Cassettari

Noeline Cassettari was the first person in the Southern Hemisphere to qualify as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. She is also a Certified Trick Instructor and Advisory Board member for Do More With Your Dog, assessing online trick submissions.

In 2001 she started clicker training with her miniature horse as a better way of training horses. She has since trained a range of other animals such as a fox, donkeys, deer, sheep, cattle, dogs and cats, chickens, peacocks and a llama. Rose, her first miniature horse purchased, can now do 101 recognised dog tricks. Thumbelina her second miniature horse, participated in the Australian Circus Festival and appeared on Australia's Got Talent in 2019. Her pet sheep Beanie has a Grand Champion Trick Dog title, agility, and freestyle dog dancing titles. Rose and Beanie hold Guinness World Records for the most tricks done in 1 minute.

Noeline's current paid jobs include lecturing in Digital Animation at tertiary level and running an online course teaching people from around the world how to draw llamas. She lives on 11 acres on the Central Coast, NSW


Trick Training With Any Species
Friday 14th June, 1.30pm

Your dog can do tricks… but what about your cat, bird, guinea pig, sheep, cow or horse?

This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and inspiration to get started. We will cover a range of different species, but you will meet and practise on a very cute miniature horse and miniature donkey as demonstration animals.

Trick training is a great way to share fun times with any species. As tricks are just behaviours, trick training is a great way to ‘manage’ behaviours in all animals. From lifting a foot for the farrier to standing on the vet scales; training a behaviour helps animals stay relaxed and happy in potentially stressful situations. Every trick needs a verbal or physical cue. So trick training is the development of a special language you and your pet understand. You can even go on to attain Certificates, Titles, rosettes and World Records!

This course covers the skills and knowledge needed to train any species to do any appropriate trick. This is a participative, outdoor workshop involving some group work.

Please bring a phone/tablet or pen and paper for note-taking. Plus your questions and your knowledge. Everything else will be provided.

Learning outcomes:

       Discuss limitations to learning

       Decide on appropriate rewards for different stages of learning

       Choose appropriate behaviours/tricks for different species. Be aware of behaviours that we may not wish to encourage.

       Design a progression of training goals for a trick.

       Design an appropriate progression of tricks for a species.

       Apply trick training to the control of unwanted behaviours.

       Construct a framework for achieving long and short-term trick training goals.

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