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PPGA Sponsorship program


To encourage new, potential, or emerging trainers to undertake a PPGA recognised certificate course. To further benefit our industry with qualified professionals.

Involved parties

PPGA committee, and the following course providers, but not limited to: Animals on course, Delta, AVT(Applied Vocational Training) , and KPA-CTP

Program Details

PPGA is piloting a sponsorship program that will fund three successful candidates the total sum of $1500 each to assist them to undertake a course to gain recognised qualification and aid their career as a pet training professional.

The financial assistance will be paid in three instalments one at commencement of the chosen course, then approximately halfway and then at completion. 

Eligibility to apply

•Either non or existing PPGA members (excluding Professional Members)

• Preference is given to Provisional members and/or existing members

• The applicant does not have an existing, equivalent qualification

• Non PPGA members required to become a member for the length of the course undertaken

• Must have a force free ethos - (You will agree to the PPGA principles which is part of gaining membership with PPGA)

• Intend to make dog training a career

• May have already applied to enroll in their chosen course but no money has been paid yet. As in candidate has not commenced the course.

• Australian Residents Only.

Conditions or expectations

• Agree to become a Professional member on completion of course

• Maintain membership for a minimum of 2 years

• Pending approval by course provider – recipient is willing to promote PPGA to course participants via a brief presentation during the course

• Allow PPGA to promote to promote successful candidates via social media and newsletter.

• Contribute to PPGA Newsletter – either an article or a biography

• Where a candidate is successful and receives a sponsorship from PPGA, this does not guarantee a place with the course providers. They are required to apply as per provider instructions.

• PPGA is responsible for selecting the successful candidates, and their decision is final. The process will be fair and equitable, and made by a panel of no less than five committee members.

• The successful candidates will have 6 months in which to enroll into their chosen course.

To apply click on this link to fill out the application form.

Forms must be received by the 30th March 2023

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