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Equipment for Puppies

You’ve got a new puppy! What do you need?

Your Puppy Equipment Checklist:

  • Flat collar or harness
  • Get them used to it by putting it on, feeding treats, playing games, and then taking it off.
  • Lightweight lead (relative to the size of the dog)
  • Get them used to being on lead too!
  • Treat pouch or containers
  • Use part of their daily food ration in containers around the house or treats pouches to capture and reward good behaviour
  • Food and water bowl
  • Food bowl optional (Enrichment toys are more important). Change their water daily to keep it fresh.
  • Bedding (comfy for home)

For sleeping and relaxing. You can encourage your puppy to lie on it around the house with treats and food dispensing toys. This helps them learn where they should be and what they should be doing.


  • Soft toys, tug toys, chew toys, enrichment toys including at least one Kong. Tug is a great game for building relationships and having fun.
  • Crate (if you want to crate train – see resources for how)
  • Crates are great to help with toilet training, but also car travel and stays at the vet. Crate training tips:
  • A safe space inside for unsupervised time (where accidents can happen) that is big enough for their bedding, toys, water bowl and a toilet area as far from their bed as possible.
  • Adaptil™ Collar (where possible) Adaptil is a dog appeasing pheromone (smell) that may help build a puppy’s confidence, and ability to focus and settle in new situations.
  • Something from the mum/litter (where possible)
  • Smells from home may help the transition from old life to new life.
  • Toilet spot

A litter tray or training pads to provide appropriate space for toileting inside the unsupervised play area. Use the same substance you want them to go on outside if at all possible (ie. Grass) – that way, there are less steps for your puppy to learn as they become toilet trained.

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