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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the live webinars recorded?

Yes, all PPGA webinars are recorded. If you register for an event, you will automatically receive a copy of the recording afterwards. You can also just wait for the webinar to go into the Webinars – On Demand collection and then register for it.

How do I find a trainer near me?

Go to the Pet Owners section of the website and click on Find a Professional.

There are two ways to search, either via navigating the map or clicking on the attached link to search the Members Search.

Alternatively drop us an email with details of your location and needs to and we will ask our members who can assist.

Assistance Dog Training

A number of our members offer this training service. We recommended going to an organisation such as mindDOG who will have a list of registered PPGA trainers in your area that offer this training.

Alternatively you can search for a trainer on our website at our Find a Professional page and use the Directory

What courses should I do to become a dog trainer?

Our recommendations are:

Each organisation offers slightly different courses, and you would need to research each one to find a good fit for you, but all will give you modern, up-to-date training taught by well-educated professional trainers.

PPGA Member Specific

How do I login to the website?

When you are on the home page, look in the top right corner. There will be a blue human symbol (See below). 

When you hover over the symbol, the symbol will become white within a blue box. If you click on the symbol, a sign in box will appear where you can enter your email and password. Once you have entered your email and password, press on the blue login button.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a link you can press beneath the blue login button where you can reset your password.

How do I watch member webinars?

Some of our webinars are FREE to members. You must be logged in to register for them. Other webinars are open to the public too. Members always get a discounted rate. Recorded webinars are also available through the Events and Education page. Login and view the recorded webinar page so you can access the relevant PPGA discount. After you register for a webinar you will receive an email with the link in it.

Where do I find my PPGA Member ID Number?

On your membership profile that you can view once you are logged in you can find your membership number.

  1. Firstly got to the login icon on the top right corner
  2. Left click on the person icon and a drop down menu will appear
  3. Click on View Profile
  4. On the profile page, you will find your membership number

Where do I find my name/business listed on the PPGA web site?

Head to the Find a Professional 

There are two ways to search, either via navigating the map or clicking on the attached link to search the Members Search.

I am a PPGA Member. Why isn’t my name listed on the PPGA web site?

If you are an approved PROFESSIONAL member, then you will be listed in the membership directory. Your listing goes live as soon as you receive your membership confirmation email. You will need to check that your profile is completed properly so it comes up in the searches. If you do not have a full address listed including a postcode then the GPS system will not be able to find you and will therefore not return your name in the postcode locator search.

 Can I use the PPGA Logo on my web site?

We have logos for each category of Membership, and for your current year, as well as straight PPGA logos and the Force Free banner logo in various formats.

Please email to ask for your logos to be sent to you.  If you require anything other than a JPG file, please state what format you need.

Can I use the PPGA Logo on my business cards?

Yes. You should also list your PPGA membership number under the logo.

How do I join the PPGA

Firstly look at the membership types and determine what is best suited to you. 

When you want to join, head to Join Us and click on the membership application at the bottom of the page. This will instruct you of the requirements for each membership level.

Any questions regarding membership, email

How do I renew my membership

To renew your membership fee simply login and click on ‘view profile’.  You can then click the 'RENEW" button. Payment can be paid online through the membership profile.

How do know when membership is due?

You will be sent a reminder via email when membership is due. Please ensure that PPGA emails are set up in your email system so they don’t end up in the ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder.

How do I get a copy of Barks from The Guild?

BARKS is emailed to all members and can also be picked up via a link on the PPGA website. As soon as it is published we will email you the link. You can also subscribe to the printed version of BARKS - click here

Can I present a PPGA member webinar?

Yes. You need to complete the online member webinar submission form and read the webinar guidelines, terms and conditions.  All member webinars are approved by the Webinar Committee before being confirmed to the applicant. For further information, please contact the Webinar Committee at

Are my contact details private and confidential?

As a member of or a user of the PPGA website you can rest assured that we do not ever forward your details on to any third party. We respect your right to confidentiality and privacy. As a member you get to choose what information you show on your membership listing and this can be controlled through your membership panel when you login to the site.


Can I become a Vendor Partner and offer discounts to members?

Yes, simply contact and we can forward you a copy of our PPGA Vendor Agreement.

Can Vendors or members get discounts off PPGA Events (such as Summits)

The majority of our events have special member pricing.

How do I contact PPGA?

You will find PPGA contact details on the Contact Us page 

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