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Educational Videos

Thank you to Leah Roberts, a PPG Founding Member for putting this list together. 


Heel / LLW  
3 Steps to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash  (Ines Gaschot)    Loose leash walking  (Stacy Hiebert Greer)  
Help! My dog pulls!  (Bina Lunzer)

The best and fastest way to teach stay (Emily Larlham, Ahimsa Dog Training)
Greeting Manners
Stop jumping up! (Emily Larlham, Ahimsa Dog Training)

Stop puppies biting  (Emily Larlham, Ahimsa Dog Training)

Crate Training
Introduce your dog to their crate  (Dr. Ian Dunbar)
Teach your puppy to go into his crate  (Rebecca Lynch, K9 Clicking)

Shayne and Rio recalling  (Tena Parker, Success Just Clicks)


Nail Trims

How to clicker train your dog to enjoy nail trimming  (Tab)  
Dog aggressive for toenail trim  (Dr. Sophia Yin)  

Resource guarding/food aggression  (4Paws University)  
Separation anxiety  (radio interview with Nando Brown and Laure-Anne Visele)  

Counter conditioning and safety  (Suzanne Clothier)  
Training a dog to like a collar  (Karen Deeds)  
Barking and lunging at scooters  (Dog Charming)  
Study in leash reactivity  (Drayton Michaels)

Teaching a dog to wear a muzzle  (Chirag Patel)  
Does giving treats reward aggression?  (Dr. Sophia Yin)
Ben guards the food bowl (Dr. Sophia Yin)


Impulse Control 

Capturing calmness  (Emily Larlham)  

Conditioning a dog to a head halter(Jean Donaldson)

Target Training  
 Teaching basics with a target stick  (Kay Laurence, Learning About Dogs Ltd.)
Teaching a dog to target a mat  (Kay Laurence, Learning About Dogs Ltd.)  


Puppy and Basic Classes 2012  
Pet Star Tricks 2012  
Treibball Workshop 2012  
Intermediate Class 2011  
Puppy Socials Part 1 2012  
Puppy Socials Part 2 2012  


Explaining dog-friendly training
Rattle bottles/cans in dog training (Nando Brown & Ian Dunbar)
Myths of positive training  (Courteous Canine Training)
Dog friendly training  (Dr. Ian Dunbar)   
Plenty in life is free  (Kathy Sdao)  
Positive vs. punitive dog training  (Victoria Stilwell)  
The 8 rules of punishment  (Steve White)

Videos for more the science nerds pet owners  

Rewards and dopamine: what happens when we clicker-train?  (Dr. Robert Sapolsky)  
Mistakes that create headaches for dogs  (Kathy Sdao)  

Debunking the alpha/dominance theory  
How to alpha roll your dog  (Nando Brown and Karen Wild)  
Pack leader  (Nando Brown and friends)  
Do you really need to DOMINATE your dog?  (Steve Dale and Patricia McConnell)  
Pack leadership  (Dr. Ian Dunbar & Kelly Dunbar)  
Training technique controversies  (Dr. Gary Landsberg)  
"Alpha" Wolf?  (Dr. L. David Mech)  
The heavy hand myth - you don't need pain and fear to train dogs  (Drayton Michaels)  
The dominance myth  (Adam Miklosi)  
Mythbusting: "Red zone" dogs and positive reinforcement  (Lisa Mullinax)  
Interview on dog training: "99% of dogs are not dominant"  (Victoria Stilwell)  
Dominance debunked - the myths and realities of training dogs  (Tab)  

Shock collar experiment #2  (Leonard "Buzz" Cecil)  
About harnesses  (Turid Rugaas)  
Choosing an effective and humane collar  (Victoria Stilwell)  

Speaking dog  
What your dog is desperately trying to tell you  (TheFamilyDog.TV)  
Lost in translation  (Patricia McConnell)  
Calming signals  (Turid Rugaas)  
Common calming signals  (The Sophisticated Dog)  
What is your dog thinking?  (Victoria Stilwell)
Dog bite prevention  (Dr. Sophia Yin)  
Guide to dog body language  (The Zoom Room Dog Agility)  
Guide to dog play gestures  (The Zoom Room Dog Agility) 


Bang, you're dead!  (Kris Crestejo, Modern Canine Training)  

Crossing Paws
Dog crossing legs  (Cheryl Glen, Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training)  
How to train your dog to cross their paws  (Emily Larlham, Ahimsa Dog Training)  

Lick Your Chops
Teaching a dog to lick her chops on cue  (Donna Hill)  

Put Your Toys Away
Back chaining put your toys away  (Betty Laurin, Betty's TLC Dog Training LLC)  
Teach your dog to put his toys away  (Tessa, Clicker Pets)  

Stop, Drop and Roll
Stop, drop and roll fire drill trick  (Donna Hill)  

Shaping a somersault  (Dr. Sophia Yin)  

Capturing a crazy grunting sound  (Pamela Johnson)  


Amazing dog tricks performed by Moses!  (Carly N Moses)    
Useful dog tricks performed by Jesse  (Heather Brook)  
Cat weaves through border collie's legs  (Clicker Training with Nana and Kaiser)  
Borzoi and border collie do some tricks  (Debbi Decker, Cernak Kennels)  
Cool dancing dog  (Lizzy Gadd)  
Sparky the incredibly talented dog  (Lizzy Gadd)  
Bulldog tricks  (Cheryl Knapp)  
Amazing tricks by 4 month old puppy  (Kyra Sundance)  
11 week old puppy tricks  (Brigitte van Gestel)  
Lance the Corgi  (Laura Waudby)  
Dog squats  (Unknown)  
Corgis singing happy birthday to the queen  (Unknown)  

Inter-Species Play
Sheltie plays with baby  
Dog imitating a crying baby  
Gabriel and Stanley - dog and cat  
Man sings puppies to sleep  
Dog and baby deer  

Musical Prodigies  
Practice makes purr-fect... with Nora  
Pug sings Batman theme  
May you sing like no one is listening  
Dogs plays piano and sings the blues  

Talking Dogs
The weirdest dog ever  
Viral talking dog  
Dog wants a kitty  

Just Plain Funny Dogs  
Breakfast at Ginger's  
Intelligent dog - who let the dogs out at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home?  
Not a morning dog   

The scorned lover - Bridgestone Tire commercial  
Vanya!  Badrap commercial with Nancy Langston  

Amazing Animals  
Original elephant painting  


Dancing merenge dog  (Jose Fuentes)  
Mikan and Rut, final AFC 2011  (Mickan and Rut)  
Kate and Gin audition for Britain's Got Talent  (Kate Nicholas)  
White Knuckles official video  (OK Go)  
Mary Ray at Crufts 2009  (Mary Ray)  
No limitations!  Freestyle with walker  (Trish and Snowy, Doc's K-9 Center)  

True behavior modification  (Dr. Karen Overall) 



Ski practicing Treibball skills  (Debbie's Dogs)  
Treibball competition  (Brigitte van Gestel, Canine Company)  
Treibball match  (Renee Hall, Let's Speak Dog)  
How to teach the basics of Treibball  (Donna Hill)  
Beginning Treibball  (Sandy Pensinger, Living With Dogs)  
Treibball: Where's the dog?  (Sandy Pensinger, Living With Dogs)  
Treibball winner 2010  (Hermina Stout, Hondenschool Dog Basic)  

Gun Dog Training
Whoa part 1  (Thomas Aaron)  
Gun dog display  (Philippa Williams)  

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