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Building a Client Focused Business

Building a Client Focused Business

  • Friday, July 13, 2018
  • 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, July 12, 2020
  • 8:00 PM
  • recorded webinar


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Presented by Anita Marchesani

As small business owners, we are in the uniquely privileged position to be able to create our own utopia; to design and build our business just how we want it to be. And that's a good thing. Once we get going and find our feet, it time to start looking at ways to improve our profitability, the efficiency of the way we work, and, as always, how we improve our client's experience and the results they get by working with us.

By shifting our inquiry towards Building a Client Focused Business it opens up a fresh perspective, and a profitable one at that. This webinar will guide you through the principles involved in developing your business into one that your clients and customers will love to interact with, while delivering you more time and bigger profits

Learning Objectives

This webinar will share strategies and tactics to: 

  • increase the customer retention rates for dog training businesses
  • improve customer satisfaction and engagement, 
  • increase the profitability of the business,
  • get better results for the client

    About The Presenter

    Anita Marchesani is a geek, a writer, an obsessive and a coach. She built one business that failed, and an online business from scratch to become an international brand, by focusing on just One Thing that was of value to her customers, and getting that One Thing very, very right. 

    Anita teaches that success is whatever you define it to be, that "working smarter not harder" actually means being rewarded for the work you do, that the customer is NOT always right, and that self-care is really quite boring (but vital) if you want to leave a real impact on your world.

    She mentors a small group of dedicated and driven business owners in the Pet and Equine industries to help them find their own One Thing, so that they can build their own business filled with purpose, profits and joy.


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