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Jade Fountain

Jade Fountain founded animal behaviour consultancy, Animal Behaviour Matters, in 2010 and has a passion for training animals and humans to improve behavioural welfare.

As a behaviour consultant she works with animals and their caregivers (pet owners, zookeepers, animal handlers) to improve outcomes with challenging behaviour in homes and animal care settings. She has worked with a multitude of species from marsupials, sea lions, and big cats to fish, goats and dogs. In her career she has led behaviour teams in shelters, trained dogs and cats for film and tv, trained endangered species such as wallabies and cheetahs, service dogs for assistance roles (autism, PTSD, mobility) and detection dogs for conservation. Jade has lectured in applied behaviour and animal training at universities and TAFEs and has taught workshops for animal handlers and trainers in Australia, Africa, USA and Scandinavia. She has been working in conservation-based recovery programs at zoos and wildlife parks throughout Australia and Africa, most recently carrying out research in Tanzania with APOPO Herorats.

Jade is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide, researching animal training and enrichment to improve welfare, working on a project about canine wellbeing and scent detection. She holds a MSc in Zoology (Animal Behaviour), a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and a BSc in Zoology/Psychology. She is a Certified Canine & Feline Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), CPDT-KA and graduate of Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behaviour & Training.


ABOUT THE Workshop

Mechanical Skills Workshop

Friday 14th June, 3.30pm

Mechanical skill sets are a learned skill that can be developed and improved with practice and allow you to use positive reinforcement effectively.

Participants learn about and will participate in this interactive workshop to build their timing, delivery and reinforcement mechanics. The workshop will involve a variety of interactive games and include playing tabletop games with a partner. In the interactive tabletop games, you work with another human partner, or group, to practice skills crucial to training and principles of learning. You will practice taking data, using a clicker and teaching your human partner some tasks. This workshop is suitable for beginners new to clicker training, through to advanced trainers who benefit from practicing mechanical skills and is suitable for teachers of all species.

Whether you work with goldfish, llamas, dogs or humans, practicing skillsets with tabletop games is beneficial for furthering your training.

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