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Jari castle, Bio and Workshop 

Jari-Ann castle

Jari Castle has been training her own dogs since 2012 and professionally since 2016. She has always been a strong advocate for using fear-free training methods with all animals, but especially our dogs for they have a unique role in our lives.

She is a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy since 2018 and has since completed Dr Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course, Michael Shikashios’ Aggression in Dogs Mastercourse, Kim Brophey’s L.E.G.S Family Dog Mediation Professional program. Jari has run countless basic manners classes, designed, taught, and refined puppy preschool courses and started working part-time at RSPCA Victoria in October 2022, training the staff and volunteers on animal behaviour, training and handling.

She brings fun, practical skills and in-depth understanding of why our dogs do what they do to each training session. Jari aims to get dogs and humans working together, which is vital when addressing behaviour issues such as reactivity and aggression.

Her special interest is with helping reactive dogs – those that bark and lunge – and the humans holding the leash. Helping these dogs and people be able to enjoy their lives together again is incredibly rewarding. Having owned reactive dogs herself, she brings a warm combination of empathy, scientific knowledge, and compassion to each new family.

Jari has been a speaker at pet expo events, appeared on TV and been a radio guest on ABC and community radio. She has run workshops and seminars on many aspects of dog behaviour and care; and fosters relationships with a wide collaborative network of colleagues.

Jari lives in the Dandenong Ranges with her husband, two young sons and whippet Finley.

ABOUT THE Workshop

Clicker Games Tournament
Friday 14th June, 1.30pm

Experience the joy of the Clicker Games Tournament at this year's Pet Professional Guild Conference!

Engage in friendly competition as participants demonstrate their clicker timing and mechanical skill through a series of interactive challenges. With prizes up for grabs and opportunities to connect with fellow pet training enthusiasts and professionals, this workshop promises to be both educational and entertaining.

Note: Non-competitive streams will also be available. No non-human animals will be trained. BYO clicker.

Learning objectives: 

    • Participants will have fun and be inspired by other participants
    • Participants understanding of clicker use and response time will improve over the session
    • Those new to clicker training will experience using a clicker in a friendly environment without an animal subject
    • Participants will have ideas for games they can implement with their clients or professional network.


Reactive to responsive: Runnings Seminars to Reactive Dog Guardians
Saturday 15th June, 2.45pm

Owner education seminars can reach a wide audience in an accessible manner, support your business goals and improve the quality of life at both ends of the leash - but events are not without their challenges. RSPCA Victoria/Jari Castle’s seminar for dog owners, Reactive to Responsive: Transforming Reactive Dogs into Relaxed Companions, has been hugely successful since launching in July 2022. Jari will share strategies for success from this case study on seminar design and delivery, event marketing, and overcoming challenges along the way.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will understand the benefits and challenges of running seminars for dog owners
  • Participants will understand what to consider when deciding what to include in their seminar
  • Participants will have ideas on how to promote their event
  • Participants will know effective ways to gather feedback from dog owners
  • Participants will understand how events like seminars can support their business growth goals
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